of Excellence and Growth

The pillars of the company come with decades of experience between them and the expertise to take the company to new heights. They are attuned to the market trends to identify new opportunities for growth.

Navratan Jhunjhunwala

Navratan, a great combination of skills and leadership, is the driving force behind the company for over fifteen years. A commerce graduate, he was overseeing the division of project constructions in the early years and continues to inspire and shape the company’s growth. He is instrumental in helping the company achieve sales targets and goals. His vision sets the trajectory of the company’s development and expansion.

Navneet Jhunjhunwala

Navneet is the mainstay of the financial functions of Durga and has a post graduate degree in Commerce. Property development hinges on effective management of complex mechanisms of finance and economics which he supervises. He also leads the services division of the company by forging successful long term relationships with customers and clients. He attends to all customer needs, has a passion for helping them out and believes that no concerns of the customer are too small for him.

Niraj Jhunjhunwala

Niraj who has gained a wealth of experience working with multi-national corporations heads the overall administration of the company along with legal matters. He also brings in this experience to add value with his role in managing project design which is primary core of a real estate development company. He enjoys being part of a team of talented individuals who are dedicated to their jobs at Durga and is the motivating force behind the success of the company.